Artiseat – the pochade box of the 21st century.


Artist case

Convenient carry case to take art supplies into the field or to store them at home.



Case sides snap-fit to the case and are easily removed.


Artist seat

Sides fit together, inter-locking to form a comfortable stool.


Holds all art materials

The deep front of the case holds all art materials required for plein air work.


Stores your work

The shallow back of the case holds an art board or block.  A wet oil painting can be carried home without damage.


Artist easel

The artist can sit in comfort in the field or can use the case as an indoor table-top easel.


Yes there's a palette too!

The side shelf provides additional working space, can be used as a palette, and can be attached to the case for left or right handed users.  The collapsible water cup fits neatly into the shelf and wet brushes rest on the top ready for use.



Watercolours can be held flat when necessary and the rear easel support can be adjusted to various angles when painting in oils or acrylics or using pastels or graphite.


Tripod attachment

Now the easel and work tray can be tripod mounted so you can stand or sit as you wish.  The tripod attachment snaps into place and is stiff and rigid and conveniently fits inside the carry case.  Tripod attachment sold separately.  Does not include the tripod.

Get out and paint with Artiseat!

Are you ready to enjoy painting in the field, in comfort and with your materials at your fingertips? Visit our online store and purchase an Artiseat today!

Frequently asked questions:

  • How heavy is the Artiseat kit? All parts of the Artiseat together weigh a total of 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) , not including personal art materials.
  • How big a picture can I carry and comfortably paint? Up to 16.25” (41.25 cm) wide and 11.25” (28.5 cm) high.
  • What about left-handed artists? The shelf can be inserted into slots in both the right hand and left hand side of the case.
  • Can I mix acrylics and oils on the shelf? Yes and it cleans off well but may leave some colour staining.
  • Can watercolour work be held flat? Yes, the block or board will rest flat on the case with room for the paints and pallet on the side shelf.
  • How much weight can the seat take? We recommend use by persons up to 250 pounds (113.5 kg) but we have tested it to 350 pounds (159 kg) with no failure.
  • How deep is the shallow back of the case? The shallow back is a full half inch (13 mm) deep and can easily carry a paper block or a wet canvas board protected by the side panel when attached.
  • How deep is the deep front of the case? The front of the case is 1 5/8” (41 mm) deep and can carry most artists' materials, tubes, pastels, large brushes, etc.