Get creative with Artiseat!

Artiseat is the easy way to carry all your art materials into the field. Then it converts to a stool and work-tray/easel for painting outside in comfort – all in one convenient, light-weight, package.
Plein air painting has never been so easy.

Artiseat is all you need 

Now you can carry just one item into the field – the Artiseat, with all your art equipment in one case, easily carried over your shoulder.

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An easy conversion

And when you are on site, pull the sides off the case, snap on the fabric, and now you have a seat, a working surface, and an artist’s easel with all your materials at hand!

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Create in comfort

Artiseat was designed by artists who love painting and drawing outside and know you can only make good art when you are comfortable and at ease. Well, here you go..

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Travel the world with Artiseat

Artiseat holds all your art materials in one case which can be easily carried and when you are on site, converts to a seat, handy work surface and media easel.

Artiseat weighs no more than 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg) and can be carried easily using the hand strap or, for longer trips, using the shoulder strap.

Tested and proven on the field for more than two years. Artiseat has been used in Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and Antigua in the Carribean. Artists have used artiseat to sit comfortably on rocky shores, grassy fields, downtown concrete, and even fallen tree trunks!

Made from sustainable baltic birch plywood with stainless steel fittings, and uv resistant outdoor fabric.

Patent pending.

Get out and paint with Artiseat!

Are you ready to enjoy painting in the field, in comfort and with your materials at your fingertips? Visit our online store and purchase an Artiseat today!